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    Native Plant Classes

    St. Johns County Windstorm Training Center
    3111 Agricultural Center Dr. St. Augustine, Florida
    2–4 p.m. Third Thursday FREE

    • February 19
    • March 19
    May 21
    • June 18
    • July 16
    • September 17
    • October 15


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    Beverly Fleming is co-instructor of our Native Plant Classes. She is the nature columnist for the St. Augustine Record, Master Gardener, Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, speaker, and author. Passionate about the William Bartram Scenic & Historic Highway, she may be reached at or 904-540-5970.

    Ali Fulcher is manager for Native Plant Consulting and Native Gardens Nursery. She joined the team in early 2011 and has coordinated the website, newsletter, and electronic site plans ever since.

    Wayne Baker has earned his nursery management diploma and and is a Florida certified horticulture professional as a natural gardener.